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Exactly what you want to say - in the language you need to use.

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English Language Services

Whether it’s meetings, negotiations, giving technical instructions, writing emails, letters, holding telephone conversations, or teleconferences – the quality and clarity of your business communications not only saves you time, but can be decisive for the outcome of important business negotiations.

Loquentia trainings in English business communication provide you with the skills you need to discuss complex issues with confidence and ease.

All trainings and courses are designed according to the levels and specific needs of the students, and are determined based on a personal interview and assesment test.

When every leader, manager, and employee communicates effectively, your organization saves the time and resources and improves relations with customers, partners, clients, and vendors. 

” Our goal is to provide clients with skills they can immediately implement in the professional situations they face every day.” 

Initial Consultation and Assessment
Once you have decided on a course of training with the help of one of our qualified language trainers, we will conduct a language skills level assessment according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Language. This assessment and further needs analysis helps us to find out precisely what language skills level the participant needs and wishes to acquire the course of training.

English for Business Professionals

Professional knowledge of English is a must-have for anyone wishing to expand their work opportunities.

In addition to conducting business with partners, colleagues and suppliers abroad, countless organizations throughout the world have adopted English as their lingua franca.

Loquentia Business English courses are specially designed to suit the specific needs of students, and can either be planned so as to focus only on one particular area of work, or as a general business course which may cover several different areas. You can choose between individual and group courses depending on your own possibilities and needs. You may also wish to improve your English knowledge very quickly with an intensive course.

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Interested in English training for a particular sector or industry?
We also offer a wide range of
specialized courses.

Presentation Skills Training

With confidence and ease – presentations that stick
Giving an effective presentation can be a challenge even in one’s own native language; presenting in a foreign language brings with it additional challenges based on limited use of the language in everyday life and on cultural differences in communication. In Loquentia presentation skills trainings, you have the opportunity to improve your language and presentation skills simul, using presentation topics relevant to your field of business.

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Loquentia presentation-skills training provides you with the tools and confidence you need to give successful presentations for your customers, suppliers, and colleagues abroad.

Specialized Language Training

Exactly what you want to say – in the language you need to use

Need to improve your English or German knowledge in a particular field or industry?

Our language courses for specific industries and professions include special trainings for

  • the automotive industry
  • engineering
  • sales and marketing
  • human resources
  • medicine
  • finance
    and more.

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Intensive English training

Sometimes more is more

Intensive courses are the surest way to make quick progress in language proficiency.
We will be happy to help you choose from a variety of course options to achieve your proficiency goal.
For example, you may take intensive training for one week with four individual training sessions per day, spending the entire day with your trainer.

Alternatively, you may prefer to take two training sessions per day over a longer period of time. Intensive courses are designed according to your needs and the amount of time available to you.

We are happy to design a personal intensive course for you according to your needs and availability.

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Online Language training

A busy work schedule may mean that it is not possible to attend trainings in person. Our online trainings enable you to learn and improve your language skills at flexible times, wherever in the world you happen to be!

Online training can most effectively be combined with periodic lessons in person. As an example, it may be very useful for you to meet your trainer in person once or twice per month, depending on the duration of your course, while taking advantage of live online training during the remaining weeks or days of your training.

Please contact us to find out more about online training options!

English SOS

Your presentation for an important client or customer needs to be finished yesterday, and you need to be sure that your English is nothing less than perfect?

You are in the middle of a series of tough negotiations with a customer but are at a loss for words?

You want to have an urgent email checked before you send it off?

Don’t sweat – call us! 

Loquentia English SOS means that you can call us whenever you find yourself in a tight spot – and we’ll help get you out.

English SOS is available for all participants in Loquentia language trainings, however you can also subscribe to our SOS service if you are not already taking part in one of our courses.
contact us for subscription rates.

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Loquentia Language Services is a high-end provider of English language trainings. For more than 20 years we have helped to drive the success of companies of all sizes by improving and perfecting their employees’ English communication skills.

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